VÍDEO: The Ancelotti Song

Música criada pelo cantor e comediante britânico Chris Cohen em homenagem a Carlo Ancelotti, após a inédita conquista do Double.

Letra da Música

When his brow goes up high, just above his left eye, Ancelotti!

He make Frank Lampard score even more than before, Ancelotti!
Fans all sing ‘Carlo is the King, Carlo is the King’, Ancelotti!
Home or away, we will always play, beautiful they say, thanks to our Ancelotti!

How’s Malouda’s new hair crafted with such care? Ancelotti!
When we score seven times, without even try, it’s Carlo,
Other fans they are grumpy ‘because we came and won everything now
Scusa me – but you see – easily – win the league with Ancelotti!

When his brow goes up high, just above his left eye, Ancelotti!
When he shouts crazily: Come on Chelsea! Ancelotti!
Drogba scores 29 and he’s playing sublime, Ancelotti!
When he walks in the room, all the ladies they swoon, Ancelotti!

When he raises his eye and nobody knows why, Ancelotti!
All the lads from JT right through to Petr C love Carlo
And with Butch by his side, we will go forth with pride altogether,
I think we all agree, plain to see that we love Ancelotti!

Ancelotti! Ancelotti!

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